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Welcome to
Baachacs Collective
Curating Archiving Co.

Baachacs Collective encourages people to underline identity and meaning and document legacies. The aim is to preserve, digitise and package artefacts that might otherwise be discarded or lost, to highlight the value of contributions to Trinidad and Tobago's built, social and cultural heritage, creating a record of material culture for future generations. BC offers a transformative service for de-cluttering and consolidating papers and mementoes.


  • To preserve and digitise papers and artefacts that might otherwise be discarded or lost.

  • To build a Baachacs Collective legacy of archives that offers diverse resources for researchers, historians, writers, academics, filmmakers, creatives, and more.


  • An archiving service focused on preserving material on the lives and work of individuals or communities and the heritage and culture of Trinidad and Tobago.

  • A dynamic team armed with enthusiasm, creativity, and diverse skills that expand and underline the value of the work.

  • A distinctive design and production process utilised to transform miscellany into the highest quality archival collections.

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