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1990 The Baachacs
for the opening of Peter Minshall's TANTANA

Please note that the commentary does not correctly describe anything about this work.

1995 T&T Guardian

Carnival Children
Pat Ganase Article
for the Trinidad
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1996 T&T Guardian

Trinidad and Tobago Guardian
Article in the lead up to the Olympic Games in Atlanta 1996
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1996 KChan AtlantaOlympics1996 news clip 96_edited.png

Design and production


for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

2020       Design Assistant to Peter Minshall, "Mas Pieta"
2018        Design floating banners for Peter Minshall’s "Eyes of God" (silk)

2017         Design, floating banners for Peter Minshall’s "Spiritus Mundi" (voile)

2006       Prototypes/production for Peter Minshall's "Sacred Heart" (galvanise)

1997         Prototypes/production for Peter Minshall’s "Tapestry" (hand printed fabrics)

1996         Prototypes/production for Peter Minshall’s "Song of the Earth"

1995         Prototypes/production for Peter Minshall’s "Hallelujah" (chicken wire)

1994         Prototypes/production for Peter Minshall’s "Odyssey" (cardboard)

1990        “Baachacs” for Minshall’s carnival presentation "Tantana" (with my high school students)

1989         Oversized masks and production for Peter Minshall’s "Santimanitay" (plastics)

1988         Production "Maco Jumbie", Queen of the band, for Minshall’s "Jumbie"

for Large-scale Spectacular Productions

2001-02  Prototypes/production Opening ceremony. Winter Olympic Games, Utah. USA

1999         "Welcome to Trinidad", sequence devised for Miss Universe, Trinidad

1995-96   Opening Ceremony, Centennial Olympic Games, Atlanta , USA

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